Saturday, 14 March 2015

life has always something to teach you. with every new day, it teaches you something you never knew before. sometimes, the experience that teaches you a great deal is really haunting. you would never want to experience exactly that same thing in life again. but, i now feel, its okay. in the end, you learn something  and grow as an individual to become a much better and matured person.

i learnt something in past few days. a small thing which you all must have heard somewhere before. even i did. but yesterday i really experienced it. and you see, it is not something i want my audience to sympathize on. it is perfectly okay. it is simply an experience i would like to share.

you see. there are relationships we have with people. good, bad, very good, very bad. but you see, really good, very good relationships, they exist because may be the other person has really loved you a lot, a lot to deliver a lot of things. and you see, you really start expecting a lot from them. expectations. these can be a root cause of a few things to lose their charm. when you start expecting a lot from somebody and they don't really deliver that to you, you feel devastated. a part of your soul feels empty somewhere within. but, you see, the things may not really be that way from other side. to  all my fellow  readers, be happy in life. enjoy little things. and really, try not to expect.

in my opinion, care and love shall be like wind. it comes and bestows upon you all of a sudden. and you are left just to cherish it. it is not like something you expect for.

be happy! enjoy your life! read good stuff. keep smiling :)