Saturday, 25 January 2014

"you realise the importance of something once it has gone away"

this is nothing new i am writing here. in stories, articles, poems, those school lectures; we all have heard, discussed and read about it. but, then, how many of us have actually realised it. well. you must be relating this quote to some materialistic thing, people, some abstract like success, fame, power, etc.

well. lets talk about love. what is love? is it the one you have for your better it the one you have for your parents, siblings, friends.. ? whatever. lets talk about passion. is the love for your better half passionate enough? is your love for your family members passionate? well.. the latter sounds funny. isn't? passion in love for your dad, passion in love for your mom?!! huh? but then, i say for you to find passion in love, you need to stop loving. now coming back to where we started, "you realise the importance of something once it has gone away". for you to find if your love was passionate enough, was it actually passionate, the question can be answered only when it has gone. yes. my love was passionate. it was no less than a pure love. this i found only after i stopped loving. amazing no? the person you loved so much. now, she doesnt matter enough. its like. some craze, some passion, some fire..that was strongly and radiantly blazing, but, then it one or the other day has to go off. and so it went. being broken down by people one by one may not be a good experience but then it makes you become a saint i am telling you. mm. .. saint is not the correct word. the better word is "a human".. you do realise that.. the craziness about everybody...about everything.. i am telling you can go off with time. i mean, everything can lose its glitter. if everybody you detach yourself, a stage may come when you are no more attached to anybody. just imagine a stage where what exists is only a soul. an energy. stable. it must be an "out of body experience". i book i read a few years back. "is there life after death?" by Anthony Peake. he talks about the existence of an individual within ourselves: "the daemon". mm... for you to quickly comprehend, i can say it is something people say.. sixth sense, or may be guardian angel, or still more comprehensible, by saying, a soul. so, my point is how do you meet your guardian angel, if you have attached yourself to other elements of life. take it simple. for an atom of nitrogen, to combine with oxygen, it has to break its bond with that of another atom of nitrogen, only then it combines..what are we? are we not simply aggregates of atomic elements?

pain. it comes when those transparent strings are burnt in smokes of hatred, disappointment, jealousy or failure. it is an agonising, painful, active still dormant experience. but, what if those strings of postivity were never allowed to be established? what i am simply saying is for darkness to exist, light has to be there. for pain to exist, love has to be there. the very thought of trampling upon love to prevent pain sounds inhuman. it sounds depressing. it sounds abyss. but then, it is simply a thought. all thoughts need not be made into action. but, then, a thought arises from energy and energy is soul. it isnt human. thoughts are indeed desires of your soul. it is actually you.! you! you!

nice day ahead.