Monday, 2 December 2013

hello friends! i know i am writing for you guys..after such a long time. a few minutes ago, i was reading a blog by somebody. the tag line beneath the title of that blog says: "A Clairvoyant Look at Everyday Life". naturally, the first thing i did was, i googled the meaning of "clairvoyant". it says: "a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact"

i have to say! a few things are definitely common among bloggers, especially when they are writing on same genre. i mean, since years, i felt like giving my blog a tag line that could define my objective behind writing. or may be something that explains my style of writing or thinking more closely for my fellow readers. but, i failed to find correct words. yeah, even writers can be short with words. i am atleast. i am always short with words. emotions, feelings, ideas .. are always too much to be expressed in too less number of words.

i sometimes dream of a place or a universe, where i am all bounded with deep lush green trees and fragrant flowers. i have a typewriter to write and a millions or trillions of books to read upon. a world where words will never be too less. when i blog, i am always occupied by the idea, that, somewhere somebody for no reason must be reading this. and, that is why, i have to stop. when i write on days, days are always providing too much hustle bustle to do the same. and, when i write during nights, the peace-calmness-intensity and the passion i write with gives me goose bumps about if i will ever stop. hence, i dream. a few things could be said 'literal', even by writers. i mean, you guys suppose writers-poets-philosophers.. as a bunch of mad men talking.. all in metaphors-puns.. ..and so on. indeed, they do. but. i mean, literally, i dream of being lost in a land of green.. tall and dense tress with wide canopy.. wide so wide..that no sunshine enters in. but, slightly lesser than too wide to let the cool breeze and milky light from that moon enter in during night.. and a few orchids and jasmines to blend their sweet fragrant into it. and me, sitting amidst all these; reading all that i dint know and writing all that i have always thought off. 

a few people complain of me not writing since so many months. a few things you stop doing because you just dont want to go into it. but, a few things you stop doing because you know there is no escape out of it once you go into. though, you might have so desperately wanted to go in.

"if there could be a universe i may relive in
 it would be an imagnable one 
ironically, it is the only one that doesnt exist"

thankyou guys. and your feedbacks are always welcomed.