Wednesday, 6 February 2013

scientific theory could sometimes make you philosophical! ouch!

(republished article)
“Life is a beautiful gift of god”. But, only those people could agree to this statement who have exactly that perception of beauty which matches with mine or at least finds a few of many things common with me. Whatever, being beautiful, adorable and magnificent, as life is, does not mean that this is only bright and radiant. It could sometimes be dark and depressing. By latter, I simply refer to day to day affairs that makes us upset or curse a few elements of life. This may include financial, professional, social or may be personal affairs. And when I say brightness, radiance, joy..this should be a grand success, an expected or unexpected promotion in office, birth of a young one, raise in income, a new iphone or may be festive days (days of celebration), and so on. Right!
No! big no! this is exactly where we go wrong or fail to realise life.

Take up this. COPENHAGEN INTERPRETATION. “according to this theory, all matter..even the tiniest of electron and other atomic particles come  into existence only when they are viewed or observed. This theory says that everything..and anything..chair you are seating you are holding on..walls surrounding you..everything will collapse once you, “YOU”, as an individual stop observing it. ”
that means,  our existence should also be absurd without our observing us our self. In other words, the moment we stop observing ourselves, we die. And this is INDEED TRUE! We live, grow, develop and perpetuate only because we observe ourselves. But, what does observing actually means?
Standing in front of mirror for long? No. looking and adoring our basic articles that makes our life a truth. Obviously no. then what? What do I mean by observing himself or herself. Believing, believing that you exist and your worlds of existence simply overlap with other’s world of existence.  You are not a part of this world. No. you are not.! You have your own world. So, in order to keep your world established, you will have to keep observing you. Cherish your strengths, appreciate your uniqueness, enjoy your mutuality with others and try vanish (or may be ignore your weaknesses). A human without knowledge of his/her personality should be the most ignorant person in  this system.  Now Coming back to where we started;  I ended my first para saying “we fail to realise life” .  by realisation, I am simply using a more comprehensible word for “observing”.

So, start! Start observing life. You will become acknowledged to those things from which you were completely ignorant. For example, you never cherished the fact that you have have a family. You never celebrate the fact that you have a sound health. How  many times have you thanked god for being a social animal and not left to perish in gulf of hell like existence. You don’t celebrate these things because these things were with you inbuilt or from birth. That is, you haven't owned them. And, so, YOU TAKE THESE THINGS FOR GRANTED. Stop being ignorant and oblivious. Give time to your family, your friends, your well-wishers; if not, give time to yourself. Talk to yourself, realise yourself and try enjoying the solitude. Do those things that you really love doing..those things that actually teach you joy, ecstasy and happiness. At speed, even matter loses its real form or existence. And we are after all, humans. Humans: bright energy bound in dark matter. So, don’t you think speed could harm or distort us to directions and forms unknown and never thought. When you know a few of your assets and belongings, which you haven't owned…but start working hard to continue being with them. In that way, your perspective of brightness, radiance and happiness becomes somewhat like this: “ you find happiness in morning walks, you find beauty in dew drop on flowers, you feel the freshness  of morning and solace of the darkness of nights. For a true perception of beauty, only butterflies are not beautiful. Even a buzzing bee sings music. Talking with people, they appreciating your childness ; and you living colours of this world. All is happiness. “Happiness is like sunshine poured every morning by almighty in abundance, the only thing is that you cannot collect it in a bucket. Simply a sunbath could prevent you from cold and prepare you from coming chills of night.”
Thank you.  

Saturday, 2 February 2013

storys unheard

Books, magazines, movies, TV shows..they all talk and share with us those stories. We read, listen and grow with them daily.  Your family members share with you their past experiences…your friends meet you with those experiences…the girl with a red rose is telling you this..that guy wearing sweet fragrance (for a change today) is impatient to talk about it.. 
and yes..we all listen, read, see..observe..witness…so many love stories around all of us. Cinderella, snow white, and that princess who kissed a frog..all are stories of LOVE. Everybody getting a partner..their better half.
But, in this haphazard..what is left unattended..are stories of “broken heart”. Each and every minute, In every country, city or small village, whatever, howsoever, to little or great extent, so many hearts are getting broken. You may love somebody..but that “somebody” may not love you the way you do. i feel sometimes how unfair and cruel this law is! But, in this world, with the level of humanity, or rather inhumane humans we survive with, I feel “witnessing unfair things is just so fair”..whatever, I was saying that the most difficult and impatient feeling must be: “ not being loved by your love”. But, then, whats the solution to this? You cant actually make somebody love you forcibly..
“love is a fragrance that goes with the flow of some unseen, unheard and entropic though inaccessible wind. This fragrance cannot be mould, modified or carried by some prejudice. It is just flowing its own way.” 

So. I feel like it is just immaturity within people that sometimes make themselves so much possessed that they end up being with somebody so much that it arouses love within another. While, the former may not have even the slightest interest in the latter. If you are a girl, immature and child-like, you may not realise a few things that lay an effect of great intensity on others..on a guy, who loves you like a man. And in a few cases, you are too childish too realise it. While, in a few, you are too cunning to realise it, still ignore or sometimes feel attentive and wannabe in that. But, your level of intelligence may be beneath the other. You don’t become smart this way. Rather, at some point of time, you will realise that …that was too kiddish actually. 

You are a girl..
but who loves you may be a man.
You are a boy…
But who loves you may be a woman.

So, grow up peeps! Taking support from somebody : financial, social, no smartness..this is selfishness and childishness. Try growing up! Try!

“you become a happy person when you
Learn to find happiness in loneliness
You find you true love..your better-half
When you caress your own soul”

I am in no way promoting my readers to learn to be alone. No! socialise, make Friends, laugh with them, share, live! But, learn that your own soul yourself is the first one to be dependent upon. And any other supportive branch will just make you handicapped when it gets broken out.
Thank you. Keep reading. Keep smiling. JJJ
2-02-13 : 11.20 pm