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knowing real you!

knowing real you!

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i really dont know how many of the people are like this or how many of the people reading my blog are like this. the only thing i know is that there are definitely a few (if not many) of people like this and i belong exactly to this category.  like what? okay. i am  talking about those people who are so much into knowing others. as in, my endless thought procedure, my childhood habit of reading those things and my addictive passion of writing has put me into  comfortable niche wherein all the people i meet, i am always into knowing them. my instinctive and curious mind is just so restless and impatient into knowing them. this goes for almost everybody i encounter regardless of their age, sex, profession, region, etc. i just want to know them. to make the things more easy for my fellow readers to comprehend, let me make it like this. i go for a meet-up with my best of best friends and one of them happen to bring some friend of his/her along with him/her. now a new person to meet, to share views, to look upon; here my mind is like.. it goes into something. the best thing about people like this is the fact that such people are an inexplicable expert in the art of knowing people. just a look, a few gestures, a few more words the stranger uttered or may be the moving around of their eyes and yeah, you know a lot about them. but, then a few characteristics (let us call them type 1) about people you can always judge at first go. i repeat, you CAN always judge at first go. judging or not judging remains a personal choice. i think that is exactly what happens in dividing people in two groups: group 1 are the ones who do and group 2 are the ones who do not. the latter could, they simply opt not to. or to put up in more realistic words, they don't care. or to put up in my words, their senses haven't been aroused to the extent that they start caring. okay, a few characteristics (type 1) of the people you can always judge at first go. but, there are a few more characteristics (type 2) you cannot; or for that matters, nobody could. for example, if a person is a way too much knowledgeable, say, about geography of India, how would you know about it until and unless this discussion comes up. but, this is too technical. let us say, a person is a way too much fussy about his/her personal belongings. you can never know about this feature of him if you haven't lived with him or shared a same roof for at-least more than half of a day. but, then how many of us share shed with the fellowmates we live with?!

whatever, this all started from people of group 1 knowing characteristics of type 1. and so, these people (who like to judge and conclude), can actually boast about this talent of them. but, the glitch being, they, with the passage of time, get a strong feeling that what they know is all correct. it indeed is. but, a few, a very few of times, those characteristics of type 2 that were supposed to be belonging to type 1 are judged by people of group 1. but, because these characteristics are actually of type 1 and not type 2, these are misjudged (not always, but, if we go by pure mathematics, it is 50% of the times). so, this, exactly 'this', is the moment that makes the 'boon of knowing' possessed by group 1 people as a 'bane of knowing'. a pure bane.

 i sometimes pity such people. these people cant help. the others they meet sometimes occupy so much of space into their minds and it is disappointing to realise that the formers are actually very tiny or uncounted pieces of existence. for instance, the friend of your best friend who just happen to be there in the meet-up coincidentally. this person is somebody to not be thought off. he doesn't and indeed shouldn't matter. by the way, do you believe in coincidents?

by now you must be thinking, how this thing carrys us to the caption "knowing real you". for all of those who are either belonging to type 1 or may be belonging to type 2 but are able to associate to a friend/ family member/ an acquaintance or may be a past alter-ego of themself, go on reading. hm.  so, if a person is so much into knowing, he must be so so so very much into knowing himself. a simple word for long boring story aforesaid. introspection. how many of you actually introspect. is it a kind of introspection that comes naturally from within or is it some kind of induced introspection. for example, say, you notice yourself scoring less and lesser of marks in the exams day by day. do you think by yourself why is it so. in case, yes, it must be a kind of introspection that comes up naturally from within. in case, your parents/ friends/ classmates make you realise about your deteriorating student profile and makes you accountable for the same, making you to ponder deep into this matter, it must be an induced introspection. anyways, how frequently you introspect? does the conclusion you withdraw from your long deep and extensive thinking the same or it varies. etc. the point, i am actually deviating from. i meant to say that if you are a group 1 person trying to know about you and yourself, and if anyhow, you happen to think about your type 2 characteristics, you may be misjudged. what i want to say is: i feel that such long lost thinkers generally don't even know about themselves or they are confused. or they misjudge. a few of introspection is good. very good indeed. but, thinking too much about yourself just because you know you could may be futile as a few things you actually could not. by the way, i don't believe in coincidents. just telling. tda.  (-_^)
keep reading. keep smiling. stay growing.

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