Saturday, 29 June 2013

friends! because i can never have a better one than you!

in life, the procedure of learning new things never actually stops. you can learn, know new can have entirely an "out of body experience" from just a few moments in your life. i am not saying i am from those people who are too busy in life or may be bound up i should say. but, yeah, a few things keep coming my mind these days. about future. goals. how to take up a few things. but, the intensity of me being a jobless creature still persists! its today only when i started up my morning thinking i will keep myself busy in a few books the way i usually do. i don't know..may be .. those things i was reading were boring..or may be a few more things are coming up in my mind.. but, i was kinda feeling restless. i decided to ring up my bestest friend of my school life. i remember this girl and would never ever forget her. this is one girl who has seen tears in my eyes behind a smiling face. it 11th end i guess...mmm... i think i am sure about it. the maturity, care, love and tender with which she attended my problem, i really felt the intensity of intelligence she beholds. i had been  kinda nerd all through my school life. intelligence has ever meant those bookish things and everything. but, that was one moment in my life when i realised that she or for that matters, all those people, who, are good friends, know how to attend simple life problems with an ease behold an equivalent, if not better, intelligence level than those few "so-called intellectuals". a few things she told, she advised, she explained me, really made me feel like i am a dumbass ..a butthead to be rattling my mind over such a small thing since so long. a friend, with whom, huge problems like big chunks of rock falling..accelerating you with a huge intensity to killl you, filled with rage, anger, some vengeance..those things..those problems kinda become with me sharing those things with her. that was one day i made a promise to my GOD that if ever you could take a few moments of happiness from my life and shower them onto her's, i will be obliged to be blessed by you.

i sometimes feel, there must be a degree that recognises those people who aren't as such involved in some social service and all, i mean, come on! not all of us have time, vigour, finance and intentions for all this, but, when our humanity makes us feel a few of things, attend them, and we flow in humanly emotions to spread happiness, love and friendship, i mean...only a few of people do she did. and trust me, at that time, a few of distances had grown up between me and her, we were in different batches...a few new friends i made, a few she made. whatever, people like her. there must be something that recognises, attends, characterises these people. i have seen very few of them. she is one among them.

btw, i ring her. she is still the same. it had been 3 years since we had passed our school, 1.5 years since we had met in person and 4 months since i had talked to her. but the point being, she hasn't changed. just the same. we talk so much. about everything imagined and unimagined. all things. G-talk you know! a few things i got to know are not very well in her life these days. the only thing i said in response to her was: " hmm..oh.. i see...okay okay..yeah..i am getting you.. mm . ." i am not very good in a few things i am telling you. i may be cant say anything to console her. most of the things she was telling me about were in fact beyond my level of understanding. i feel that today, that time has come or in fact, i say this to GOD every day..dear god! if ever i had done something good, something that deserves an award..or may be anything kept in reserve for me, please let all those things be gifted to her from my side. i am thinking today about all those things, may be, i will forget them tomorrow, and get engrossed up in my books, my music, my badminton...but, she has to go-on with all this. keep your blessings on all of us. i am not really good with worshiping and everything. a few things i really don't know. the thing i know is you exist and i talk to you everyday every moment. you have guided me, lived with me and kept your hand upon me. keep showering those blessings to a few of souls living near me.

talking up to her makes me only more nostalgic.. lols :D :D
we share warm goodbyes and disconnect.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

memories! i have always feel connected to them. life goes on, but, things seen in past ..whether good or bad..i have always wanted to record them. i think that what made me a writer. although i blog, but, my blog is no less than a personal diary. writing has always given me a power, a privilege, or a gadget to record, click or capture things i had seen. but, its funny to realise ...the moment you had wanted to record those things so much, you are left speechless. the day..a few days ago..or may be a few day..and so much to write about. i started writing.. and i was speechless. no words. no thoughts. i was a total blank. i couldn't say anything about that day. whatever happens... good..bad ..embarrassing..jolly..or whatever.. a big chatter box i am to my close ones...and i am a crap to puke all that out...but..that thing just happened.
i cant ever manage to bring out words to write about it.  (-_-)
" its amazing to realise that most special things in your life  are the most inexplicable things. " 

Monday, 3 June 2013

change. there shall never be any right time for change to occur. it shall happen when you want it to happen. sometimes, we are so much bound up within this pace of life that we sometimes shirk away from changes to take place, from changes to realise and from changes to accept. and that's okay. but, when life gives you a chance to change, when god shows you the mirror to reflect upon them, please don't feel that the time has finished or is yet to come. give your actions as much energy as you give to your thoughts. you get a Nobel prize for writing a book and not imagining it. small figments of thoughts within your brain are as dormant as that small seed within mother earth. so next time, those electric signals rush from one neuron to another within you, take time to accept those thoughts. give them action.
" there may be a right time and may be a wrong time for a wrong deed 
   but it is always a right time for a good deed "
happy journey people! any by journey, i mean, journey of life!