Thursday, 20 September 2012

taking decisions: right or wrong?

life is the name of learning. we fall, cry, wipe our tears and then stand once again to set apart for our destination.
but, the most difficult thing in life sometimes becomes => "taking decisions". just realise how frightful and wretched the situation is. there are two roads. you know one will lead to your happiness (and i don't say success because i merely don't believe in this word. if there exists something, it is HAPPINESS. and  happiness manifests itself in various forms; one being success. ). and, another may take you there where you never wanted to go. and then you have to choose!
both of those roads look exactly the same. JUST THE SAME. but, mind you, they are not. you think hard and hard, and finally you decide. if you take right decision, life is good.
and what if the decision you have taken was wrong ???
caught you! that's where comes up my role. if success is illusion; so is the falsity of WRONG ROAD. if all essence lies in happiness and happiness is a journey, so where does this wrong road exists?
start this thing from today. the moment you realise your fore taken decision to be wrong, start enjoying the journey. and then, you achieve success. because, you are achieving happiness and happiness is success.
 PS: there exists nothing like wrong decision. what you took was always correct. "if every thing is destined by god, how could anything divine be anyhow wrong? "

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

what is happiness?

as you travel on the path of your journey, pacing fast, travelling, crossing, taking high jumps to reach highness and touch all materialism of this world; you simply forget to give a halt. and then one day, you feel that all happiness and highness you were aspiring for was just an illusion; it simply never existed. dreams are thing you want to happen. they may or may not come true in your life or in this life. their existence may be imaginative but meaningful. but, illusions are false establishments, that are absurd, vague or that simply do not exist. and then one day, when you suddenly realise this, you stop, turn back and get to know that small petty things you left behind nourished your soul. and happiness is not a concept. its a realisation. you experience it...whenever you wish to...and to the extent or intensity  you want to. and sometimes, you simply overlap your waves of happiness with those of others, that simply disturb yours.
no way, stop and jump! falling is rather easier. and try, finding your comfort zone in those small things. note that when you were at heights, these things were far from you.
if earth is round, depth and height should have no meaning. only distant things appear high to you. so, catch those which are near to you. don't let them go.